Movimiento de Mujeres Anabautistas haciendo Teología desde América Latina

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<p>Movimiento de Mujeres Anabautistas Haciendo Teología desde América Latina- (MTAL--Movement of Anabaptist Women doing Theology from Latin America) is a women's movement that spans Latin America and is recognized by the <a href="">Faith and Life Commission</a> of Mennonite World Conference (MWC).<br></p><p><strong>Vision:</strong><br></p><p> To be a movement of Anabaptist women in Latin America doing theology that contributes with their gifts in the ministries of the church in the construction of the Kingdom of God according to the model of Jesus.</p><p></p><p><strong>Mission:</strong><br></p><p>Strengthen and promote the formation, leadership and fellowship of the women of the Mennonite churches of Latin America, to contribute jointly (men and women) in all the ministries of the church.<br></p> <p>Mennonite Mission Network has accompanied MTAL since the beginning and facilitates with <a href="">Mennonite Women USA</a> for International Women's Fund scholarships and Sister Care seminars to prepare Latin American women leaders.<br></p> <p>MTAL does not have a geographic base. It is a movement of women that spans Latin America, with general coordinators currently based in Honduras and Bolivia. It began in 2003 at the MWC assembly in Zimbabwe through the experience of Latin American women participating in workshops led by a group of African women theologians. Since the 2015 MWC assembly, MTAL has been working to form a Global Anabaptist Network of Women doing Theology.</p>

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