Misionero al Norte de Argentina (PROMINOA)

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<p>Programa Misionero al Norte de Argentina (PROMINOA) is a regional mission program of the Argentina Mennonite Church (IEMA). Four Buenos Aires congregations (Adolfo Sourdeaux, Villa Adelina, Quilmes, Boulogne) give primary leadership. <br></p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">PROMINOA</a> vision is to bring people to Christ and plant churches in two zones to the north of Buenos Aires. PROMINOA's mission work sprang from one congregation's decade-long mission work, and then organized with the membership of other Buenos Aires congregations. </p><p>PROMINOA coordinator Sergio Flores described this development: "The various mission locations in the North arose from contacts with people who accepted the Lord in the churches here in Buenos Aires, who then returned to their places of origin for different reasons -- because they wanted to return for their family, for work -- but above all they have the desire to be able to talk with their relatives about what they found in Christ…. We try to provide them with the means to use their lives for planting a church to communicate the good news even more." Some of the church-planting missionaries sent by PROMINOA in earlier years are now pastoring the churches they planted, while others are serving in different places.<br></p><p><br></p> <p>After a process of exchange visits, in June 2009, North Central Conference formally decided to join in partnership with PROMINOA, seeking the renewal of their own congregations and mission vision, as well as an opportunity to be of encouragement to PROMINOA in their work in Argentina. This fruitful partnership extended through June 2017 when North Central Conference formally dissolved. Relationships established during the partnership years continue to be meaningful. <br></p>

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