Misionero al Norte de Argentina (PROMINOA)

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Programa Misionero al Norte de Argentina (PROMINOA), formed by four Buenos Aires congregations (Adolfo Sourdeaux, Villa Adelina, Quilmes, Boulogne), serves in northern Argentina, and partners with several congregations of the former North Central Conference, planting churches and strengthening mission vision. <p>PROMINOA (Missionary Program of Northern Argentina) is the mission outreach of a group of Buenos Aires Mennonite churches that form part of the Argentina Mennonite Church (IEMA). The PROMINOA vision is to bring people to Christ, and plant churches in two zones to the north of Buenos Aires. PROMINOA's mission work sprang from one congregation's decade-long mission work, and then organized with the membership of other Buenos Aires congregations.</p> <p>After a process of exchange visits, in June 2009, North Central Conference formally decided to join in partnership with PROMINOA, seeking their own renewal, as well as an opportunity to be of encouragement to PROMINOA in their work in Argentina.</p> <p><strong>Partners include:</strong></br> PROMINOA congregations in Adolfo Sourdeaux, Villa Adelina, Quilmes, Boulogne</br> North Central Conference</br> Iglesia Evangélica Menonita Argentina (IEMA - Argentina Mennonite Church)</br> Mennonite Mission Network</p> <p><strong>PROMINOA church-planting missionaries who are International Partnership Associates:</strong></br>Orlando Rodas and Gloria Roldan in Tafi Viejo

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