Misionero Patagónico (PMP)

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<p>Proyecto Misionero Patagónico (PMP) has established relationships and planted churches across southern Argentina. PMP mission workers who are International Partnership Associates include Damian and Marta Reyes in Chos Malal; Marcelo Alarcón and Jacqueline Ojeda de Alarcón, and Andrea and Lucas Pineda in Comodoro Rivadavia; César Riquelme and Miriam Ferreyra in Puerto Madryn; Miguel Bamonde and Angela Correa in Sierra Grande; Jorge and Maria Rodriguez, and Diego and Estefania Rodriguez in Valcheta; and Javier and Vero Llanquileo in Valle Azul.<p><p>The vision, call and energy for the Patagonia Mission Project (PMP) emerged within the Mennonite Church in Argentina as far back as the mid-1990s. As the Mennonite churches in the Patagonia region (IMPA) began their work, they sought partners. In response to this challenge was born Arm in Arm (AIA) -- a cluster of people from Illinois congregations who came together to form a partnership for ministry with the Argentina Mennonite Church, and in collaboration with Mennonite Mission Network. This formal partnership existed from 1998 to 2016.</p> <p>PMP also sent mission workers to Illinois to support the churches in reaching out beyond their communities, making new contacts and forming new churches. This has included the development of Sourthern Illinois Mission Partnership (SIMP), which now includes other parts of the state. SIMP and PMP relate closely together.</p> <p>For more on the history of PMP, see: <a target="_blank">The Patagonia Story</a> </p>

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