del Rebaño

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Puerta del Rebaño (Door of the Sheepfold) is an Anabaptist congregation in Concepción.Puerta del Rebaño is an Anabaptist congregation in Concepción. Mission Network, with Mennonite Church Canada, has responded to their interest in Anabaptist courses and in participation with other Anabaptist churches in the Americas. John Driver, the facilitator for some of the courses, noted that the Puerta del Rebaño church offered an exciting understanding of the social gospel, where church was experienced "not as a hierarchy, but as a community." The church is known for its use of fine arts as a part of its witness and ministry. In the early 1990s, Carlos Gallardo and his wife, Mónica Parada, were students in the Evangelical Theological Community where Titus Guenther and Karen Loewen Guenther taught through Mission Network's predecessor agencies. Carlos and Mónica worked as pastors of a congregation in Concepción called Puerta del Rebaño (Door of the Sheepfold), which was founded by fine arts professor Carlos Salazar in 1986. They found what they were seeking in Anabaptist theology and shared this with their church. Carlos and Mónica also serve as pastors of a Baptist congregation in Chiguayante near Concepción.

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