Biblical Seminary and Friends of UBS

 Partner overview



Union Biblical Seminary and Friends of UBS is an interdenominational seminary in Northern India.Mennonite Mission Network partners with UBS in several ways. The Mission Network facilitates Mennonite professors from abroad to serve on campus for short teaching assignments. The Mission Network also provides direct scholarships for Indian Mennonite students, as well as coordinating scholarships by Mennonite Women, and scholarships established by North American agencies that are administered locally. Finally, the Mission Network participates in the North America-based Friends of Union Biblical Seminary, a network of agencies and individuals that receive contributions and helps promote the seminary among old and new friends of the school.Several western missions joined together in 1953 to create a new interdenominational seminary for northern India. Initially located in Yeotmal, Maharashtra, the institution moved in 1983 to its current home in Pune, a vibrant city near Mumbai. UBS maintains a reputation as India’s premier evangelical seminary thanks to an abiding focus on mission studies, and expectations that all students and faculty will be involved in active mission outreach.

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