Spread the peace grants support congregational peace projects

By Jason Boone
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

To encourage congregations and conferences to "spread the peace" in and beyond Mennonite Church USA, the Peace and Justice Support Network of Mennonite Mission Network has small start-up and sustaining grants available.

Funds will be given to those meeting the following criteria and as funding allows:

  1. To Mennonite congregations or conferences for projects based in the United States; 
  2. For church initiatives; 
  3. For witness, reaching out, sharing the peace; 
  4. To recipients who will raise local matching funds from individual donors both within and outside the congregation to demonstrate local ownership and commitmen

Grants of $1,000 are given as Peace and Justice Support Network funding allows. Our goal is to distribute $5,000 annually. 

Applications will be accepted each year through December 31. You will notified the following Feburary as to the status of your application.

Apply here.





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