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Friday, June 6, 2014

The number of peace sites on the web is enormous! We're providing links to a few; follow them to find hundreds more. If you have a link we should know about, email
While we find these sites helpful, PJSN does not endorse the content of these web sites or the policies of the sponsoring organizations.
Mennonite Peace Agencies

Mennonite Justice Agencies

Area Conference Peace and Justice 


Mennonite Writings and Commentaries

Mennonite Peace Centers






Spread the peace grants support congregational peace projects the peace grants support congregational peace projectsGP0|#aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c;L0|#0aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c|Resources;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476
West Africa Leadership Tour for African-American leaders in 2020 Africa Leadership Tour for African-American leaders in 2020GP0|#aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c;L0|#0aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c|Resources;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476
Immigration Webinar WebinarGP0|#aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c;L0|#0aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c|Resources;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476
Public call to protect all people call to protect all peopleGP0|#aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c;L0|#0aeaa92ce-e381-45ff-b548-e66107973e8c|Resources;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476