West Africa Learning Tour for African-American leaders in 2020

Friday, October 11, 2019

Trip dates: July 10–24, 2020


We hope to expand awareness and inspire transformative experiences in the global body of Christ by bringing together African-American leaders in the United States with our brothers and sisters in West Africa. 

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This trip was inspired by a conversation between Ann Jacobs, Mission Network Church Relations representative, and Pastor Thomas Oduro during a 2016 West Africa visit. Pastor Oduro, president of Good News Theological College and Seminary in Ghana, and a lifelong friend of Mission Network, asked an important question: "Why aren't there more African-American brothers and sisters participating in this visit, and where are the Black Mennonite churches and leaders?" Together they imagined a trip to reunite and connect with brothers and sisters across the globe.

This invitation is for Mennonite Church USA leaders across the United States, especially for African-American leaders. Mission Network is imagining a mentor/mentee connection between college students and U.S. leaders of the African-American constituency group to journey together in this historical learning tour, to pursue reconciliation to strengthen their connections, and to develop relationships across the global church. This visit is sure to offer healing and wholeness to both African and African-American brothers and sisters in Christ. 

The learning tour will also include a visit to a historical site where slaves were transported, and the group will have opportunity to lament and seek healing. 

We are seeking additional partners to join Mission Network in an effort to fund this learning tour. We hope to share the financial cost across several groups as we respond to Pastor Oduro's prophetic insight into our own churches' racial inequality. 


  1. Develop a missional consciousness that considers the global church in West Africa and its mission activities.
  2. Explore and experience the context of the global church with opportunity to build relationships that reflect the body of Christ.
  3. Expand a model for the 21st-century church that encourages and mobilizes the church to be in mission beyond itself.
  4. Network people and resources across congregations and internationally. 

The invitation

African-American college students, pastors, and church leaders are invited to join this West Africa learning tour. We are expecting 10–15 leaders to gather together to imagine future partnership and learning opportunities. Young adults, college students, and pastors may explore their interest in participating in Good News Theological College and Seminary.  


The total cost of the trip is $4,000 per person. The following are recommendations, to secure your place.

  1. Seek support from your local congregation.
  2. $500.00 deposit will need to be provided to Mennonite Mission Network by November 30, 2019, with balance due May 2020.
  3. Participants will pay for passport, visa, and medical expenses related to the tour. Travel to the airport the group will departure from is also the expense of the participants. Make sure passports are up to date or purchase them soon. Visas will need to be purchased closer to the travel date. All travelers/ participants will be invited to an informational meeting to orient planners for this tour.
  4. Mennonite Mission Network will match the amount of the initial deposit amount received before November 30, 2019 (maximum $500.00) while Mission Network funds are available— first come, first served. We look forward to journey together with you in this life-giving opportunity.
  5. Questions about the trip should be directed to Ann Jacobs.

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Download a printable application if you would rather mail it in.









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