Replanting churches to bring new life

By Mauricio Chenlo
Monday, July 29, 2019

Church replanting has similar aspects to replanting bushes or flowers, where you move it from an unhealthy situation to a healthy one. Replanting a church is moving a dying church from an unhealthy pot (leadership, ministry style, mission, doctrine, facility, location, etc.) to a new pot so that life can resume, fruit can grow, and the world can experience the amazing life a healthy church provides.

Sometimes, just as a plant is repotted in the same location but with better soil or in a larger pot, a church replant can be in the same location, or a new one, but enough changes are made to improve the health of the church.

If you think your church is a candidate for replanting, we recommend you use the church health assessment.

Also, we encourage you to submit your questions and comments, either for a private conversation with our Sent Network team at Mennonite Mission Network.

What to do when your church seems to be dying

1. Assess the situation.

2. Know that God wants more than your faithfulness. God wants you to be fruitful as well.

3. Let go of your church as you've known it. Be willing to trust God with your church. You may have to let go of your church to allow room for new things to grow.

4. Get help. Call on the community. Mennonite Mission Network is here to walk with you church in this time of change and possibility.

5. Respect the natural cycles of birth, life, and death. If it is time for your church to die,  know that it can die with dignity and faithfulness, just as it lived.

6. Start over. Completely. Celebrate the wonderful memories of your church, but commit fully to starting over and investing in a new birth.

Church health assessment

Is your church in danger of closing? This self-assessment is meant to help assist you in determining the current state of your local church.



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