Contemplative retreat leading

By Karla Minter
Monday, April 1, 2019

​When you are looking for…

   Contemplative Space

      Spiritual Discernment

          Prayer Practices for Peacemakers

           Missional Visioning

              Biblical Storytelling…

Contact me to customize your next leadership retreat, visioning session, regional training, congregational or conference gathering, and more! I have planned and guided spiritual retreats for small groups of 8–25 and larger gatherings of 70–150. Resourcing ranges from 1–2 hours, half day, full day or two-day events.

Cost includes all expenses plus honorarium commensurate with length of retreat and degree of customization.



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Karla Minter, MPH, MA

Master of Arts in Christian Formation, Spiritual Director, Biblical Storyteller, and Experienced Contemplative Retreat Leader




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