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<p>For 30-plus years, Service Adventure has empowered hundreds of young people, ages 17-20, to mature and grow beyond their childhood communities. For 10 months, within the embrace of unit homes and host church families, Service Adventure participants serve with various organizations in Christ's name, as well as participate in weekly faith formation and learning experiences together as a unit.  </p><p>Service Adventure shares its heartbeat with other Mission Network volunteer programs — offering opportunities to join God's mission of hope and healing, through partnership. Mission Network has served as the conduit between volunteers and places of service and as the catalyst for the growth of servants who follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We look forward to sharing the stories about God's presence in our 2021-2022 units: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Anchorage, Alaska; and Jackson, Mississippi.  </p><p>While connecting with faith communities through Service Adventure, Mission Network has remained resilient in the face of these changing times by staying connected to the vine that is Christ. Though the branches of these programs may change, the lifeblood that gives them purpose keeps them green and vibrant. As Mission Network re-aligns to better partner with others across the street and around the world, the agency is seeking to bear new fruit in innovative ways.  </p><p>Please consider being a part of the ongoing growth of our many branches that are reaching out to the world, providing shade in the heat of the world's turmoil, peace in pandemic pain and roots of antiracism work in the unraveling of injustice. Along with the Mission Network staff, I am deeply grateful for your ongoing contributions to the mission that remain ever green because of God's unfailing grace and the gifts of God's people. <br></p><p><br>Mike Sherrill<br>Executive Director</p><p><br></p>




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Preparing for a new Service Adventure program year for a new Service Adventure program yearBy Laurie Oswald Robinson