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<h1>Living out our calling together     </h1><p><em>A message from Marisa Smucker, Interim Executive Director</em></p><p>​<br></p><p>At Mennonite Mission Network, we believe that all our activities should be rooted in our shared calling. Engaging with cultures and contexts in a constantly changing world makes us look at how we live, as individuals and as a community, in mission. </p><p><em><a href="/resources/publications/Missio%20Dei/3/Walking%20together%20in%20mission">Missio Dei #22 — Walking Together </a></em>in Mission states that our mandate as the church is derived from the calling and sending activity of God: </p><ul><li>God sent the Son, Jesus, into the world. </li><li>Together, they sent the Spirit. </li></ul><p>And now, in turn, God sends forth the church, to bear witness to the reconciliation God is making possible through Jesus Christ. <br>From this reading of God's word, we understand that the church — the global faith community — is the primary way God offers grace, joy and peace to the world. </p><p>Mission Network's core purpose is to complement this call. Our organization exists to lead, mobilize and equip congregations to join God's reconciling work: to share God's healing and hope throughout the world. We walk as a mission community, partners, personnel, supporting congregations, donors and prayer<br>partners. Together, we are sharing all of Christ with all of creation. <br><br>Marisa Smucker<br>Interim Executive Director</p><p><br></p>




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