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Together in MissionOctober 2005GP0|#30b075de-6fbe-433b-a4b5-3dce4a6f90ba;L0|#030b075de-6fbe-433b-a4b5-3dce4a6f90ba|Missio Dei;GTSet|#bb9274b4-45fe-43f1-8b69-3df0b933cdb0;GPP|#a82c2124-212e-4f7a-b626-9a0c5a3534c2;GPP|#96e4d92c-656e-45f6-9cd5-ab8aed108e3cVolume 10 Dei/14/Together in MissionTogether in MissionCore beliefs, values and commitements of Mennonite Mission NetworkBy James R. Krabill



<p>​The 20th century was a remarkable century in mission. In the face of significant global shifts in perspective, Mennonite Mission Network has a renewed commitment to core biblical convictions while working to be effective in a changing context. The latest Missio Dei, Together in Mission outlines the core beliefs, values and commitments of Mennonite Mission Network.<br><br><br><strong>Juntos en Misión<br></strong>Convicciones, Valores y Compromisos Centrales de la Red Menonita de Misión<br><br>El siglo 20 fue un siglo notable en cuanto a la misión. En vista de cambios globales en perspectiva que son importantes, la Red de Misión Menonita renueva su compromiso con las convicciones bíblicas centrales mientras sigue trabajando para ser efectiva en un contexto cambiante. La más reciente Missio Dei, “Juntos en Misión,” resume las convicciones, valores y compromisos centrales de la Red Menonita de Misión.</p>

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Friday, April 22, 2016
Thursday, February 1, 2018

​Why does the Mennonite Church engage in mission work, both abroad and in the United States? What beliefs and values shape our work? Where does the inspiration and impetus for mission come from?

In 2001, upon the merging of the General Conference Mennonite Church and the Mennonite Church, a new mission agency - Mennonite Mission Network - was born. in 2006, Mission Network published a Missio Dei, called Together in Mission: Core Beliefs, Values and Commitments of Mennonite Mission Network, laying out the core beliefs that guided its work.

Now, seven years later, Mission Network has updated the piece in Walking Together in Mission: Following God's Call to Reconciliation.

Walking together in mission
Mennonite Mission Network's philosophy of mission.
By Mennonite Mission Network Staff
Volume 22
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