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<h2>Practicing Lectio-Divina</h2><p><em>By Dani Klotz</em><br></p><p>OK. I'm just going to say it. Here I go … I am not a huge fan of Lectio-Divina. Now, don't judge me just yet. Let me explain. For those of us who might need a refresher on what Lectio-Divina is, it is a Benedictine practice of scriptural reading, meditation, prayer and contemplation. It does not treat Scripture solely as a text to be studied, but as the living word of God to be interacted with.   <br></p><p>As a spiritual practice I always experienced it as rather risky, and I felt unqualified to discern how God was speaking to me. However, I have come around to it. I've become deeply appreciative of the truth that God speaks to each person according to their needs. Thus, by reflecting on what we hear, or see, a passage allows us to more fully understand our Creator, ourselves, and each other. I've also grown to appreciate the fact that I can apply these reflective tools to anything I am reading. </p><p>This issue of <em>Beyond</em> highlights Mennonite Mission Network's partners and workers in Latin America. They are four snapshots of much deeper, and complicated, work. And they are only four stories out of the 60 countries in which we are present. As you read and engage with this <em>Beyond</em>, I encourage you to practice some Lectio-Divina. First, pray, asking for God's light to open your mind, before reading any further. Then as you read each article, find a word or phrase that catches your attention. You can also ask yourself how each article makes you feel, or what specific situation in your life today relates. But the most interesting question for me is what you feel God is inviting you to do. Maybe its continued prayer, service, or sharing these stories with others. Of course, the possibilities are vast and endless since we all are so different, and yet connected.  <br></p><p><br></p>




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