​The 2021 Youth Venture Civil Rights learning tour group (L-R): Anna Sawatzky (co-leader), Michelle Ramirez, Joe Sawatzky (co-leader), Jennifer Colon, Isaac Ramirez, Joshua De La Rosa and Jose De La Rosa. Photo by Sheldon Alston.

United States

"You Had Us On Our Toes!" Highlights of the Youth Venture Civil Rights Learning Tour

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Join Isaac Ramirez, Michelle Ramirez, Jose De La Rosa, and Joshua De La Rosa as they recap some of their highlights from the 2021 Youth Venture Civil Rights Learning Tour!

From July 16-24, the Youth Venture Civil Rights learning tour group visited service and learning locations in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. The group participated in projects, toured historical landmarks, and engaged with community members and activists who wove stories of inequality, struggle, and hope. Trip co-leader Joe Sawatzky detailed some of these stories in his blog post, "Becoming human to each other." For more photos from the trip, click here.

Youth Venture is the service program of Mennonite Mission Network that gives young people ages 15-22 the opportunity to serve, learn and worship in local communities around the world through 2- to 3-week terms each summer. For more information on future trips, click here.






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