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Intentionality in light of Ash Wednesday

By Mike Sherrill
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

​At the beginning of the Lenten season Mike Sherrill, executive director of Mennonite Mission Network, reflected on intentionality in light of Ash Wednesday. We at Mission Network hope this encouragement about God's intentionality is a blessing to you this week. The song referred to in the reflection is Intentional by artist Travis Greene. 

Reflections on the featured artist

I've got a song today by Travis Green. The title of the song is "Intentional." Travis Green was born in 1984 in Delaware. Originally stillborn but was resuscitated. At the age of four he was resuscitated again after a four-story fall from a building. Talk about God having a purpose for your life! Now he is an award-winning gospel performer. He's a passionate pastor. And he is happy to be married to Dr. Jackie Green. They have three small children and together they co-pastor Forward City Church in Colombia, South Carolina.

First recorded February 15, 2021.


​Mike Sherrill is executive director of Mennonite Mission Network.




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