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Let us be Easter people

By Mike Sherrill
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

​For the next fifty days, between Easter and Pentecost, we are in the season of Eastertide. Now we are called to be "Easter people." What are "Easter people?" With Easter joy, we should drawn near to Jesus and ask what needs to be resurrected in our own hearts. 

The four accounts of Jesus' resurrection offer different perspectives, but one thing is clear: while the disciples were still in hiding, the women were honored to be the first to discover the empty tomb and the first to see the risen Christ. During that time, the testimony of women was not considered legally binding. The fact that all four gospel writers wrote about the testimony of women is compelling evidence that the story occurred as it is written. 

Let us carry this Easter joy across the street and around the world!

Reflections on the featured artist

This is a call that Keith Green took to heart. He was one of those totally unleashed "Easter people." Green had a Jewish heritage but was raised in Christian Science. He was a runaway teenager, using drugs, searching for spiritual truth in Eastern mysticism and free love culture. Eventually, Green explains, God's love broke through. In 1975 both he and his wife Melody, renounced Christian Science and became Jewish believers in Jesus the Messiah. Tragically, Green died in a small plane crash in 1982, but his music lives on. Let's listen to Glad's rendition of one of Green's most popular songs and one of my personal favorites. The Easter Song.

First recorded  April 5, 2021.


​Mike Sherrill is executive director of Mennonite Mission Network.




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