Together at God's table resources/mission sunday/699/Together at God's tableTogether at God's table
Repentance that leads to life resources/mission sunday/631/Repentance that leads to lifeRepentance that leads to life
Transformed by Jesus resources/mission sunday/546/Transformed by JesusTransformed by Jesus
Seeking the Kingdom – Who is called? resources/mission sunday/453/Seeking the Kingdom – Who is called?Seeking the Kingdom – Who is called?
On the journey with God resources/mission sunday/367/On the journey with GodOn the journey with God
Returning to our roots resources/mission sunday/220/Returning to our rootsReturning to our roots
Bubbling over with love resources/mission sunday/204/Bubbling over with loveBubbling over with love
Transformed by God's love resources/mission sunday/205/Transformed by God's loveTransformed by God's love
You surround me with songs resources/mission sunday/206/You surround me with songsYou surround me with songs
How are you called? resources/mission sunday/207/How are you called?How are you called?