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CIEAMM is a conference of 11 congregations based in and near Mexico City.<p>The first church plant by mission workers from Franconia Mennonite Conference in 1958 was in Nezahualcoyotl City, a marginal, working-class neighborhood of Mexico City. The congregations that form <a href="" target="_blank"> CIEAMM</a> today are primarily located on the edges of the city, where they share the good news with people struggling with economic, social and spiritual needs.</p> <p>At the time of the 50th anniversary in 2009, church leader Victor Pedrosa wrote: "Sometimes Pentecostal and sometimes charismatic in nature, this Mexican Mennonite Conference of churches affirms its Anabaptist/Mennonite identity. It is committed to following Jesus every day, practicing the good news while becoming communities of believers, eschatological communities, and Messianic communities while recognizing that they are also a pilgrim people just passing through this world."</p> <p>In 2014, CIEAM developed a strategic plan with the following strategies:<br> 1. Unify criteria for new believers to understand Anabaptism.<br> 2. Promote of a culture of peace, both internally and externally.<br> 3. Promote and strengthen unity in relationships among members of the conference.<br> 4. Provide formal theological education to strengthen church leaders in developing their ministry.<br> 5. Promote holistic mission and growth in the communities of faith that are a part of CIEAMM.<br> 6. Develop and manage resources for the development of the ministries of CIEAMM.<br> </p>

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