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LCC International University, established in 1991, is a nationally and internationally recognized liberal arts institution in Klaip?da, Lithuania. LCC's educational model places broad-based education within the context of a Christian academic community in order to extend education beyond the classroom. As a part of LCC's vision to prepare students to participate actively in the life of their home communities, the role of each individual in the building of society is emphasized through active participation in community projects and hands on practicums. With 600 students and staff from 15 countries, it integrates academic study with the development of Christian character, worldview and vocation in a setting where only 30 percent of students come to the school as Christians. Using English as the language of instruction, it offers majors in business, English and theology. The Republic of Lithuania recognizes the school as a bachelor's degree granting university.Lithuania Christian College was founded in 1991 at the request of the Lithuanian Ministry of Education. Mennonite Mission Network began sending workers to the school in 1995 as teachers and administrators. The school's name was changed to LCC International University in 2007. In addition to their ministry at LCC, Mission Network workers relate to and help provide resources to the wider Christian community in Lithuania and Eastern Europe.

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