Be the Gospel

Mennonite Mission Network highlights grow out of 150 years of Anabaptist mission that seeks to present Jesus' message in ways that it can be heard as good news. Mission Network embraces the reality of two-way mission, an understanding that one culture does not hold the whole truth to living in a way that is pleasing to God, but that mutual conversion is necessary to becoming God's people from every language and nation. 

This mission paradigm has borne fruit most distinctively on the African continent and in South America through walking alongside indigenous churches. It has resulted in a   partnership model that is rooted in the legacy practiced by Mission Network's predecessor agencies.*

Mennonite Mission Network offers a holistic message that recognizes that God's shalom encompasses material, social, and emotional healing, as well as spiritual peace. 

*Commission on Home Ministries, Commission on Overseas Mission (including Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission), and Mennonite Board of Missions.






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