CASAS Intern

CASAS (Central America Study and Service) -- Guatemala

1 week - 1 year
Ages 18+ (Families are welcome)
International Ministries

 ministries/Guatemala/10/CASAS Intern

Position description: CASAS has many partners involved in a wide range of ministries and services in various departments of Guatemala. They are also very willing to hear the interests and vision of the applicant and seek unique possibilities. An internship typically starts with a period of Spanish language study offered by CASAS, though interns who are fluent in Spanish can generally enter directly into an internship placement. Especially those who study Spanish at CASAS before beginning a specific internship will have time to consider different options. It is not necessary to commit to a specific internship prior to going to serve with CASAS. 

Term: Up to one year

Language: CASAS provides a strong Spanish language program; they are prepared to work with both beginners and advanced Spanish students.

Position specific qualifications: Interest in experiencing and learning from other cultures. Relational skills to live with a host family. Willingness to work respectfully with a partner organization.



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