Tucson, Arizona

Home Repair Worker

Community Home Repair Projects Of Arizona -- Tucson, Arizona

1 or 2 year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service





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Agency Description

CHRPA (Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona) has become the cornerstone of the Shalom MVS Unit in Tucson. Its goal is to help alleviate the effects of poverty by providing home repair services to low-income people of divers backgrounds: Hispanic, African American, Native American, and Anglo. The busy main office is located on the church grounds, and is adjacent to the unit house. 

CHRPA workers have these things to say about their experience: "You meet all kinds of different people," "You learn useful skills if you ever want to have shelter," "The projects are mainly short-term, so you see immediate results of your work," "CHRPA has outstanding leadership," "There is a great sense of teamwork, learning together, and having fun together," "It's a short commute to work!", "You quickly learn your way around Tucson," and finally, "Get that awesome tan you've always wanted!"

Check out some of the great work this dynamic organization does on Instagram (@communityhomerepairaz) or on Facebook (@CommunityHomeRepairOfArizona).

Position Description

Two Home Repair Worker positions are available. Duties are dependent on experience with CHRPA, training, and readiness.

Complete qualifying applications with clients and assess home repair needs. 

Purchase materials and complete repairs as directed by program manager. 

Work with others, and maintain organization assets (vehicles, tools, etc.) 

Some paperwork, but not burdensome. 


Skill or experience in at least one construction trade or a multiyear commitment preferred, but aptitude and interest in home repair and working with tools is adequate. 

Open to varied cross-cultural experiences. 

Men and women encouraged to apply. 

Essentials: Must drive, be able to scale ladders and work on heights, crawl around tight places, perform moderately heavy lifting, use power tools. 

Tolerance of occasionally adverse environmental factors such as dirt, pet hair, and heat. 



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