Tucson, Arizona

Home Repair Worker

Community Home Repair Projects Of Arizona -- Tucson, Arizona

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



Two Home Repair Worker positions are available. Duties are dependent on experience with CHRPA, training, and readiness:

  • Complete qualifying applications with clients and assess home repair needs.
  • Purchase materials and complete repairs as directed by program manager.
  • Work with others, and maintain organization assets (vehicles, tools, etc.)
  • Some paperwork, but not burdensome.


  • Skill or experience in at least one construction trade or a multiyear commitment preferred, but aptitude and interest in home repair and working with tools is adequate.
  • Open to varied cross-cultural experiences.
  • Men and women encouraged to apply.
  • Essentials: Must drive, be able to scale ladders and work on heights, crawl around tight places, perform moderately heavy lifting, use power tools.
  • Tolerance of occasionally adverse environmental factors such as dirt, pet hair, and heat.



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