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 Skobtsova House

Calais is a coastal city located in northern France, near the English Channel. It holds historical significance, dating back to the Roman age. 

Owned and operated by Mission Network partner Association Maria Skobtsova (Maria Skobtsova Association), Maria Skobtsova House offers sanctuary and hospitality to vulnerable refugees from around the world. The house is named after Maria Skobtsova, a Russian Orthodox Saint and Martyr who took care of Russian refugees, migrants, the homeless, and Jewish people in Paris during the last century.

Volunteers and guests live together in the house and share domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking. Volunteers plan and maintain a family atmosphere, sharing their talents by leading prayer, organizing children’s activities, building relationships with guests, and providing encouragement.

Housing and meals are provided. All travel arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Volunteers are needed all year, and especially during winter months.



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