Accountability. We serve on behalf of and represent Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Mission Network. We commit ourselves to live in accordance with the way of Jesus, and to reflect Christ-like standards in our personal and professional conduct as we participate in God’s mission in the world.

Spiritual disciplines. We desire to be shaped and led by God’s Spirit and to cultivate the spiritual disciplines that nurture the fruits of the Spirit, seeking to be loving, joyful, peaceable, kind, generous, faithful, gentle and disciplined. As individuals and together with our coworkers, we are committed to transformation and growth, forgiveness and reconciliation in Jesus Christ.

Living in community. We affirm that our call to be disciples of Jesus Christ is best lived out in Christian community. We commit to nurturing trust, and to maintaining and restoring right relationships in the communities where we live and serve. We will demonstrate mutual respect and integrity in sharing leadership and in fulfilling our responsibilities. We will nurture acceptance and celebrate diversity of personal backgrounds. We will cherish our primary family relationships by giving quality time and attention to them.

Relating to church and culture. We will participate actively in local gatherings of the Christian community. We will show respect for the moral, social and religious values of our coworkers and fellow believers in our host communities. In our communication (e.g., conversations, e-mail, blogs, etc.) with supporters, family and friends, we will honor the unique cultures in which we live and serve. Our daily lives will reflect the understanding that all cultures are subject to critique, and that the gospel transforms all cultures, including our own. In contexts of injustice and conflict, we will – in both word and deed – give witness to God’s ministry of reconciliation to bring peace and justice to the church and to the world.

Personal witness. We commit ourselves to care for others. We will refrain from and witness against racism, violence, promiscuity, all forms of abuse, and other destructive attitudes and behavior. We will strive to live in accordance with principles of sound ecology, good health, just distribution of resources, and wise stewardship. We will conduct ourselves in ways and settings that will not harm our witness, our service, or our personal health. We will reserve sexual intimacy for the marriage covenant. We strive to be people of integrity, free from lies, manipulation and deceit, faithful in keeping our promises, and trustworthy in managing that which is entrusted to us.

Openness to admonition and reconciliation. When we fail to live in accordance with these commitments, we will be honest about our actions and motives and will accept responsibility for them. We will seek forgiveness, communicate our desire for restoration, and be open to the redemptive intention of our coworkers. We will move toward reconciliation and renewal by taking steps to restore right relations and to rebuild broken trust.

Commitment to assignment. We will serve and learn, with readiness to have our lives broadened as we open ourselves to explore new insights for Christian growth and service. We will identify with the objectives of our assignment, and will use our vocational skills and spiritual gifts to accomplish them.