Elkhart, Indiana

Wil LaVeist

Senior Executive for Resourcing and Engagement

Toll-free: 1-866-866-2872

Extension: 23077


Wil LaVeist is the senior executive responsible for the division that includes donor relations, church relations, service programs, and marketing & communications. A former multimedia journalist, he also has executive level experience in outreach and community relations with major media organizations, nonprofits and churches. LaVeist has engaged in several ministry areas, including prisons, youth mentoring and Christian education. He is a published author of four books and has contributed commentary to others. LaVeist is a graduate of executive leadership programs, including the Maynard Institute, the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, and LEAD Peninsula, a program of the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. A member of Calvary Community Church in Hampton, LaVeist believes it is important for supporters to understand the nuances of how modern Mission Network workers and partners are effectively engaged in God’s work in a forever evolving and diverse world.

LaVeist is a doctoral candidate in technology and media studies at Old Dominion University in Norfolk and has earned degrees from Tufts University, The University of Arizona, and The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania.

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