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 Additional giving options



Mennonite Voluntary Service, Voluntary Service$75 for the 75th Anniversary
Give to Peace and Justice, to Peace and Justice
Recurring gift, gift
Mustard Seeds, Seeds
Give to International Ministries, VancoGive to International Ministries
Give to Service Programs, to Service Programs
Intention to Give, to Give
Give to Mission Bank projects, to Mission Bank projects
Isaiah Fund, FundSupport new ministry initiatives

 Giving causes



I choose peaceGive peace choose peaceI choose peaceMore than 25% of our tax dollars go toward the military. This tax season, you can make a gift for peace.
Congo emergencyGive now emergencyCongo emergencyViolence has invaded Mennonite communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Please help.
Rebuilding Mennonite school in Puerto RicoGive hope Mennonite school in Puerto RicoRebuilding Mennonite school in Puerto RicoAcademia Menonita Betania has been severely damaged. Please help.

​You're almost there.

Thanks to donors like you, we've been able to print the Missio Dei booklet, "What is an Anabaptist Christian," in more than 20 languages! 

How would Brazilians translate the title of this popular resource into their own language?

Submit your answer through David Fast's contact page and then give yourself a high-five. 
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