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Benin Bible Institute is an interdenominational Bible school that provides leadership training for Beninese churches.The IBB, located in Cotonou, currently runs two programs. The part-time program, which began in 1994, offers monthly seminars over three years leading to a diploma of Biblical knowledge. It is intended to provide biblical and theological training for pastors and lay leaders, as well as people wanting to better understand their faith. The full-time program, which began in 2004, extends over three years and leads to the equivalent of the French Baccalaureate. It is intended for pastors and individuals who are called to full-time ministry in their denomination. Mennonite Board of Missions, a predecessor agency of Mennonite Mission Network, was invited to send Bible teachers and health workers to work with local churches on several projects. One of these was to establish a Bible school that would provide excellent leadership training for the various denominations and, in particular, for African Initiated Churches. IBB has evolved into an independent institution, with part-time, full-time and extension leadership training programs and with a vision for a full-time residential program which will train bivocational pastors. Mission Network continues to be the primary partner, and a partnership has developed with Waterford Mennonite Church, Goshen, Indiana.

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