General Conference Mennonite Church

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Bharatiyah General Conference Mennonite Church is one of nine Mennonite denominations in India.The Mission Network works in partnership with BGCMC primarily through the medical and educational institutions that look to the church conference for support and encouragement. BGCMC and the nearby Dhamtari-based Mennonite Church in India conference cooperate in many ways, sharing pastors and medical professionals. BGCMC is also an active member of the Mennonite Christian Service Fellowship of India, which promotes cooperation and relief projects among its seven member bodies.The Bharatiyah General Conference Mennonite Church originated when General Conference Mennonites from North America and Russia arrived in India's Central State to pursue mission in 1899. The church officially became established in 1922 and became gradually separated from North American missionary control through the 1950s and 60s. Since western missionaries departed in the 1980s, this vigorous conference has grown to more than 6000 members and 26 congregations and mission outposts.

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