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Good News Theological Seminary provides biblical education and training for African church leaders.GNTS is the only school in Ghana founded and sponsored by African Initiated Churches (AICs) for the training of their workers and pastoral leaders. As an independent school, it does not teach the doctrines and practices of any individual church. The emphasis at GNTS is revealing God's plan of redemption in the Bible, teaching both Old and New Testaments. The aim is to help students improve their understanding and knowledge of the Word of God, deepen their commitment to follow Jesus Christ, and increase their effectiveness in the ministry of the Church. Mission Statement: The mission of Good News Theological College and Seminary is to provide sound Christ-centered, biblical education to church workers and leaders, fully equipping both men and women with spiritual, ministerial and theological training for servant ministry in the African context. Good News Theological Seminary grew out of the need of African Initiated Churches of Ghana (AICs) for sound biblical education. In the early 60s some AICs in Southeastern Nigeria invited the Mennonite Board of Missions (predecessor agency of Mission Network) to work with them to enhance their theological education. The Nigerian civil war in eastern Nigeria (1967-1970), however, disrupted the AIC/MBM interaction. Edwin and Irene Weaver were among the MBM missionaries evacuated from Nigeria. Soon after this, the Weavers made a tour of Africa beginning with Sierra Leone and ending in South Africa. During the tour they made contact with a broad range of AICs, both from the Nigeria contacts and those of whom European mission workers were aware. Beginning as a small part-time program in 1971, The Good News Training Institute grew out of relationships cultivated throughout the region and in cooperation with people of vision in Ghana. Over the past 35 years this collaboration has continued and increasingly includes students from mission-planted churches. Good News Theological Seminary is a widely respected academic community accredited by the Ghana Board of Education. They have consistently served to build up the church affirming African and Christian roots in faith and practice.

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