Cristiana Menonita de Colombia (IMCOL)

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Iglesia Cristiana Menonita de Colombia (IMCOL-Colombian Mennonite Church) is a conference of around 20 Churches in Bogotá and to the west and north. The vision of the Iglesia Cristiana Menonita de Colombia, or IMCOL (<a href="" target="_blank">Colombia Mennonite Church</a>) is to have its ministries grow out of its congregations and their commitments as they live out the gospel in their contexts. They seek to form and nurture churches that are communities of faith in God, and believers in Jesus Christ, the Spirit, the reign of God, justice, peace, love and nonviolence, shared leadership, discernment and community hermeneutics, service, missions, and interrelationships with other communities.<p>The Colombia Mennonite Church developed from the work of General Conference Mennonite Church missionaries who arrived in Colombia in 1945. As a partner, Mennonite Mission Network supports the Colombia Mennonite Church with personnel and grants for ministries, especially in the areas of leadership development, church planting, and missions. The church operates a seminary (Seminario Bíblico Menonita de Colombia, or SBMC), departments for church planting and missions, a Mennonite school <a href="" target="_blank">Colegio Americano Menno </a>, and a justice and peace center <a href="" target="_blank">Justapaz </a>. The Colombia Mennonite Church works in partnership with Mennonite Mission Network and other Anabaptist groups to prepare leaders and serve in development and relief ministries <a href="" target="_blank">Mencoldes </a>.</p> <p>Mennonite Mission Network, the Colombia Mennonite Church, and Central Plains Mennonite Conference formed the <a href="" target="_blank">Ecuador Partnership </a>, with personnel from Colombia, the United States and other countries. In 2014 the IMCOL invited Central Plains Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Mission Network to also partner together in <a href="/Impact/locations/Latin%20America/Venezuela" target="_blank">Venezuela</a>, supporting leadership development and church-planting ministries.</p>

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Delicia Bravo Aguilar and Peter Wigginton America/Ecuador/Delicia Bravo Aguilar and Peter WiggintonDelicia Bravo Aguilar and Peter WiggintonGP0|#934efcfc-8004-48aa-b785-aff862d28dbd;L0|#0934efcfc-8004-48aa-b785-aff862d28dbd|Ecuador;GTSet|#f1c3ac69-6cd4-4109-8ba8-137477ba8a7d;GPP|#e2a61412-b024-41d7-adeb-1c4e0b790c03;GPP|#62ebb633-b401-4243-a537-1a85230e4ebf
Eric and Kelly Frey Martin America/Colombia/Eric and Kelly Frey MartinEric and Kelly Frey MartinGP0|#215104c0-7bd6-48c3-aa5f-6d0db80b4f5c;L0|#0215104c0-7bd6-48c3-aa5f-6d0db80b4f5c|Colombia;GTSet|#f1c3ac69-6cd4-4109-8ba8-137477ba8a7d;GPP|#e2a61412-b024-41d7-adeb-1c4e0b790c03;GPP|#62ebb633-b401-4243-a537-1a85230e4ebf
Diana Cruz and Felipe Preciado Cruz and Felipe PreciadoDiana Cruz and Felipe PreciadoGP0|#53f671dc-6b11-4308-ab01-f8c0f7df8786;L0|#053f671dc-6b11-4308-ab01-f8c0f7df8786|Benin;GTSet|#f1c3ac69-6cd4-4109-8ba8-137477ba8a7d;GPP|#4d0e08ea-d1a0-4141-9eba-431183992152;GPP|#62ebb633-b401-4243-a537-1a85230e4ebf
Jerrell and Jane Ross Richer America/Ecuador/Jerrell and Jane Ross RicherJerrell and Jane Ross RicherGP0|#934efcfc-8004-48aa-b785-aff862d28dbd;L0|#0934efcfc-8004-48aa-b785-aff862d28dbd|Ecuador;GTSet|#f1c3ac69-6cd4-4109-8ba8-137477ba8a7d;GPP|#e2a61412-b024-41d7-adeb-1c4e0b790c03;GPP|#62ebb633-b401-4243-a537-1a85230e4ebf
DeeDee and Mark Landes America/Colombia/DeeDee and Mark LandesDeeDee and Mark LandesGP0|#215104c0-7bd6-48c3-aa5f-6d0db80b4f5c;L0|#0215104c0-7bd6-48c3-aa5f-6d0db80b4f5c|Colombia;GTSet|#f1c3ac69-6cd4-4109-8ba8-137477ba8a7d;GPP|#e2a61412-b024-41d7-adeb-1c4e0b790c03;GPP|#62ebb633-b401-4243-a537-1a85230e4ebf