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<a href="" target="_blank">JCS International</a> is a consortium of international Christian organizations that shares the good news of Jesus in Mongolia.Joint Christian Services International (JCS) works with the people of Mongolia to achieve their full God-given potential through development and relief while encouraging the planting, growth, development and unity of indigenous churches.Following the independence of Mongolia from Soviet domination in 1990 the country faced a rapid transition toward democracy and rebuilding the economy. Within that context several Christian agencies banded together to form the consortium, which was registered in Mongolia in 1993. The same year, Mennonite Board of Missions sent their first worker, Laura Schlabach, to serve with JCS. The JCS staff, numbering around 70 workers from the member bodies, provides professional expertise in vocational, professional and leadership skills through a variety of projects and placements in relief, agriculture, health, education and business.

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