Church in India

 Partner overview



Mennonite church in India is one of the nine Mennonite denominations in India.The Mission Network works in partnership with MCI mainly through the church’s Mennonite Medical Board and Mennonite Education Board. The Medical Board administers Dhamtari Christian Hospital, which is the primary point of connection with North American support. The Mission Network also remains the primary conduit for the relationship between MCI and Mennonite Church USA.In 1899, American Mennonites sent missionaries to their first overseas location in the Central Province of India. Missionaries began orphanage work, from which many church members eventually came, followed by an extensive medical ministry. All these projects looked to Dhamtari as the administrative center of this church. Missionaries departed in the 1980s, having built a self-supporting church, a medical board and hospital, and an education board that operates several schools.

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