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ONG Bethesda is a community organization with three branches: health, community development, and savings and credit.ONG Bethesda or SARFor's ministries bloomed out of the despair of failing social and political institutions in the late 1980s. French and North American Mennonite workers have been involved from the beginning with the clinic, the neighborhood sanitation program and the job creation efforts. Mennonite interns have provided significant assistance in carrying out feasibility studies, translation work and multiple other assignments. SARFor offers chaplaincy services and counseling for the patients at the Bethesda health centre, as well as an outreach to people with HIV/AIDS. SARFor trains members of local African Initiated Churches and other churches to provide basic health teaching at the congregational level. These health workers can lead workshops or conduct seminars on a variety of health-related topics incorporating a biblical and spiritual perspective into the health teaching. The Mission Network provides funding to the training program. The Bethesda health center began in 1990 in partnership with Mennonite Board of Missions, predecessor agency to Mennonite Mission Network. The neighborhood sanitation program and the job creation program grew out of a holistic vision for ministry in a greatly underserved population within Cotonou. The health teaching program began in 1998 and evolved into the SARFor department, headed up by the chaplain, in 2004. ONG Bethesda has become a nation and worldwide recognized agency for creative innovation in community health and development. At the present, Mission Network involvement is primarily with the health training program.

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