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Odessa Theological Seminary is a Baptist affiliated seminary.In 1989, new Bible schools were allowed to open in various regions of the Soviet Union. One of the first schools, the Odessa Bible School, opened in August 1989. In January 1991, the school was reorganized and renamed Odessa Theological Seminary. The opening ceremony was held in Moscow at the Baptist Union headquarters. Part of the reorganization was the addition of a four-year residential Bachelor of Theology program. Very early in its existence, the Seminary was active in research and publishing. In 1990, the school began publishing the theological journal BOGOMYSLYE. This was the first evangelical theological journal for Russian-Ukrainian Evangelical Christian-Baptists. The seminary also started to translate and edit theological books, methodological guides, and research papers about the history of Baptists in Ukraine and Russia. Odessa Theological Seminary soon became one of the leading centers of theological research in Ukraine.

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