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Paris Mennonite Center is an urban, missional, Anabaptist presence in secular Europe. Through a ministry of teaching in various theological schools, seminars, writing, the development of resources, and support for congregations, the staff contributes to strengthening a holistic vision of the gospel of reconciliation and its promotion in the world through discipleship and witness. The Paris Mennonite Center is committed to theological reflection and practice inspired by the Anabaptist tradition. The center works in partnership with other institutions and Christian churches in Europe, North America and Africa. Located in the suburb of Saint Maurice, the center has a library with Anabaptist and peace resources and guest and meeting rooms. Staff members are involved in teaching and publication ministries in many different settings, including a masters-level program in Anabaptist theology.Mennonites have been involved in ministry in the Paris area for more than 50 years, working alongside Mennonites from France and other European countries in church-planting efforts and ministries to adults and students with disabilities. The Paris Mennonite Center grew out of an earlier ministry to African students, the Foyer Grebel. Out of this ministry three Mennonite congregations have grown in the Paris area: Chatenay, Lamorlaye and Villeneuve-le-Comte.

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