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Sociedad Bíblica Argentina (Argentine Bible Society) is a long-time publisher and distributor of Bibles in Argentina, partnering for translations in indigenous languages.<p>A member of the United Bible Societies, the Argentine Bible Society has a long history of distributing and publishing Bibles in Argentina. Over the years, the Mennonite Team has had a fruitful partnership with the Argentine Bible Society focusing on the translation and distribution of the Scriptures, particularly among Toba Qom, Mocoví and Pilagá communities.</p><p> </p><p>Mennonite missionaries Albert and Lois Buckwalter worked with indigenous leaders to translate and publish Scripture portions in the Toba Qom language with the help of the Argentina Bible Society in the 1970s. Always working with native speakers of the indigenous languages, this partnership produced the New Testament in Toba Qom, Mocoví and Pilagá, along with selections of the Old Testament. In 2008, the recording of a series of oral Scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments was completed in the Pilagá language, through the coordination of Byrdalene and Willis Horst.</p><p> </p><p> In 2000 Mennonite Team member Luis Acosta began coordinating a team of Toba Qom translators working under Bible Society sponsorship and guidelines to complete the Toba Qom Old Testament. In 2005 a second team of Toba Qom translators was formed to update and revise the Toba Qom New Testament under the coordination of Mission Network worker Richard Friesen. The long-term goal of a complete Toba Qom Bible was realized in 2014. Study guides were also prepared for the Old and New Testaments to share the insights of the Toba Qom translation team. The Argentine Bible Society provides training workshops for translators, exegetical assistance and overall supervision for the ministry of producing Scriptures and study guides in the indigenous languages. </p>

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