Tucson, Arizona

Meet the Tucson MVS unit!

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Join the Tucson, Ariz., Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) participants and get a whirlwind tour of unit life! Get a sneak peak into unit activities, take in a canyon sunrise, and meet a very special house guest🦎!

The Tucson unit house is nestled directly between Shalom Mennonite Fellowship, the unit's supporting congregation, and Community Home Repair Project of Arizona (CHRPA), one of unit's service placement opportunities. Other MVS placements have included serving with migrant and refugee services, building wheelchair ramps while doing housing and home repair, planting gardens with the community food bank, leading border tours, teaching literacy and English language programs, and assisting with administrative work in low income health centers.

Head to MennoniteMission.net/MVS to learn more.






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​The 2022-23 Tucson, Ariz., MVS unit is Cade Fisher, Andrea Troyer, Michaela Esau, and Jessie Landis.