After the January baptism service in Zábalo, Naomi Ross Richer decided to write a bilingual (Cofán/Spanish) book for younger youth. Her original watercolor pictures set the story in a setting similar to Zábalo, illustrating that the call from John the Baptist and Jesus for repentance, baptism and discipleship continues today. Photo by Linda Shelly.

The Baptism Story

Thursday, September 10, 2020

In this video, which was prepared for, and is available to be used as the children's story in a church service, Naomi Ross Richer reads in English the beautifully-illustrated Cofán/Spanish book she co-authored with her mother Jane Ross Richer. An Ecuadorian Cofán friend Javier Aguinda and a Zábalo church leader Aurelio Bustamante provided additional assistance. She said the purpose of the book is to "help youth understand baptism and how it, as part of Jesus' call to discipleship, will change their lives." 

The book begins with the angel's announcement to Zechariah, and then Mary's visit to Elizabeth — who would eventually give birth to John the Baptist -- with a watercolor picture set at a typical Zábalo-style house. The story and further illustrations depict John's baptism of Jesus and the call to repentance, and ends with the January 2020 baptism at the Río Aguarico in Zábalo, which was Naomi's inspiration for this project.  See also Cofán faith journeys inspire a storybook on baptism.





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