Just Peace Pilgrimage
Sount Africa

South Africa Pilgrimage

Chapter 2 -- Sount Africa

10 days
Just Peace Pilgrimage





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Coming in 2024.

South Africa has a long history and legacy of colonialism and apartheid, which was a political social engineering project based on racial segregation. 

One of the defining elements regarding apartheid was the way in which its social construct emerged out of a particular theological foundation and imagination. To struggle against and ultimately overcome apartheid, the South African church had to confront not only the racial segregation and its socio-political construct that became apartheid’s most defining element, but also its theological assumptions. 

Thus, our focus will be on the church’s role in the struggle against apartheid and the way it had to challenge and offer a new theological vision. This will lead us in exploring the ongoing struggle South Africans face in pursuing peace, justice and reconciliation.


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