The Sent Network

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sent Network is a resourcing curriculum launched to recruit, equip and prepare church planters for their task.

The Sent Network is set up in three phases—explore, equip, and send.

1. Explore

  • The calling
  • Individual and relational health
  • Leadership gifts (Ephesians 4—APEST)
  • Anabaptist identity


2. Equip

  • Biblical foundations of mission
  • Missional basics
  • Missional discipleship
  • Missional context


3. Send

  • Forming a support network
  • Re-planting a current church
  • Writing a church planting proposal
  • The launching plan

Some of the content will be available in a virtual manner to groups of interested people. Other components will be more conducive to gathering people together for a weekend learning retreat. Church Relations staff members are prepared to teach, coach, and network with Mennonite Church USA conferences and congregations.

It is our desire to encourage individuals to act as missional Anabaptist church planters and leaders, prepared to engage in discipleship in such a way that it will be natural for leaders to be raised up and spawn new dynamic peace churches. As we move into implementing these resources, we anticipate the subject matter may change and become more refined.

We want to share our passion, experience and wisdom, and to learn with others as we walk together, responding to God’s call. In our efforts, we hope to encourage the heart of conference ministers, pastors and lay lead-ers as we network throughout the denomination, inspiring a shared vision for creating Anabaptist communities of faith across the street and around the world.

Contact us to sign up or for more information!



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