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We are better togetherMay 2024 Beyond/996/We are better togetherWe are better togetherBy Marisa Smucker, Executive Director
A people-driven purposeMarch 2024 Beyond/969/A people-driven purposeA people-driven purposeBy Marisa Smucker, Executive Director
We are called to work togetherDecember 2023 Beyond/938/We are called to work togetherWe are called to work togetherBy Marisa Smucker, Interim Executive Director
Pathways to hope and healingDecember 2023 to hope and healingPathways to hope and healing
Share the good newsSeptember 2023 Beyond/908/Share the good newsShare the good newsBy Marisa Smucker, Interim Executive Director
Service Adventurers forge peace from warMay 2023 Beyond/876/Service Adventurers forge peace from warService Adventurers forge peace from war

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Looking up, looking around, looking forward up, looking around, looking forwardBy Marisa Smucker
Story 1: Broadening horizons at 71 1: Broadening horizons at 71By Alisha Garber
Transforming into vulnerability into vulnerabilityBy Mike Sherrill
Story 2: Building trust in shaky times 2: Building trust in shaky timesBy Ann Jacobs
Story 3: Transforming Down Under 3: Transforming Down UnderBy Mark Hurst
Story 4: Missiology shaped by servanthood 4: Missiology shaped by servanthoodBy Matthew Krabill

 Beyond: Toward Faith in Action