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Missional Discipleship Initiative, MDIMissional Discipleship InitiativeRenew your congregation through discipleship.

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Alamosa voluntary service/AlamosaAlamosaMennonite Voluntary Service
Albuquerque adventure/AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueService Adventure
Anchorage adventure/AnchorageAnchorageService Adventure
Chicago voluntary service/ChicagoChicagoMennonite Voluntary Service
Colorado Springs adventure/Colorado SpringsColorado SpringsService Adventure
Jackson adventure/JacksonJacksonService Adventure
Johnstown adventure/JohnstownJohnstownService Adventure
Puerto Rico voluntary service/Puerto RicoPuerto RicoMennonite Voluntary Service
San Antonio voluntary service/San AntonioSan AntonioMennonite Voluntary Service
San Francisco voluntary service/San FranciscoSan FranciscoMennonite Voluntary Service
Tucson voluntary service/TucsonTucsonMennonite Voluntary Service
United States StatesUnited StatesSOOP
Washington, DC voluntary service/Washington, DCWashington, DCMennonite Voluntary Service



Chronicling transformation: writings from MennoCon21MennoCon21 transformation: writings from MennoCon21
Befriending those babiesMennoCon21 impressions those babiesBy Laurie Oswald Robinson
Entering the eye of the storm by touching the hem of his garmentMennoCon21 impressions the eye of the storm by touching the hem of his garmentBy Laurie Oswald Robinson
Transforming voicelessness into sharing voices togetherMennoCon21 impressions voicelessness into sharing voices togetherBy Laurie Oswald Robinson
Breathing in the expanse of GodVirtual MennoCon21 Impressions in the expanse of GodBy Laurie Oswald Robinson
Lamenting, repenting, and namingVIRTUAL MENNOCON21 IMPRESSIONS,-repenting,-and-namingLamenting, repenting, and namingBy Laurie Oswald Robinson