Burkina Faso FasoBurkina Faso
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Torrential rains destroy Mennonite homes, hospitals, churches in CongoNdjoko Punda rains destroy Mennonite homes, hospitals, churches in CongoBy Lynda Hollinger-Janzen
Muslims help build church in Burkina FasoBurkina Faso help build church in Burkina FasoBy Siaka Traoré
Family across the oceanFamily across the oceanBy Diana Cruz



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Anabaptist Network in South Africa Network in South AfricaAnabaptist Network in South AfricaThe Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANiSA) is a network of people, churches and organizations who want to embody a radical lifestyle centered around God's reconciling vision for the world, draw on the collective wisdom within the Anabaptist movement, and walk with, support, and grow communities of peace, justice, and reconciliation within South Africa.
Eglise Evangelique Mennonite du Burkina Faso Evangelique Mennonite du Burkina FasoEglise Evangelique Mennonite du Burkina Faso
SADRA Conflict Transformation Conflict TransformationSADRA Conflict TransformationSADRA Conflict Transformation is a Christian response to social injustice and human need in Southern Africa. They provide Conflict Transformation knowledge and skills through training and research to the South African Communities.
Mennonite Church Canada Church CanadaMennonite Church CanadaMennonite Church Canada is a fraternal agency based in Winnipeg, Canada, with ministries around the world.
La Casa Grande Fifatan Casa Grande FifatanLa Casa Grande FifatanLa Casa Grande Fifatan is a Christian home for orphans and disadvantaged children, many of whom have lost parents to AIDS.
ONG Bethesda BethesdaONG BethesdaONG Bethesda is a community organization with three branches: health, community development, and savings and credit.
Burkina Faso Partnership Council Faso Partnership CouncilBurkina Faso Partnership CouncilAn alliance of Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission, Evangelical Mennonite Church Canada, Comitè de Mission Mennonite Français (France Committee of Mennonite Mission), Eglise Evangelique du Burkina Faso (Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso), Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite Church Canada, and Mennonite Mission Network.
Centre Evangélique de Formation en Communication pour l'Afri Evangélique de Formation en Communication pour l'AfriCentre Evangélique de Formation en Communication pour l'AfriThe Center trains African leaders in the field of communications.
Grace Community Church Community ChurchGrace Community ChurchGrace Community Church is a ministry that shares the good news and works for economic justice in Philipstown, an area of economic depression.
Mission Inter Senegal Inter SenegalMission Inter SenegalMission Inter Senegal is a national mission organization that exists to send national missionaries to interior Senegal.
Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission Inter-Mennonite MissionAfrica Inter-Mennonite MissionAfrica Inter-Mennonite Mission is an evangelical Anabaptist gathering in which African, North American and European members are working together to become an answer to Jesus' prayer, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."
Benin Bible Institute Bible InstituteBenin Bible InstituteBenin Bible Institute is an interdenominational Bible school that provides leadership training for Beninese churches.
Bethany Bible School Bible SchoolBethany Bible SchoolBethany Bible School offers affordable, nonresidetial, indigenous language, biblical education and leadership training and conducts quarterly Bible conferences in five locations within the former Transkei.
Good News Theological College and Seminary News Theological College and SeminaryGood News Theological College and SeminaryGood News Theological College and Seminary provides biblical education and training for African church leaders.
Nigeria Mennonite Church Mennonite ChurchNigeria Mennonite ChurchA denomination of 45 congregations divided into five dioceses.