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ForgivenGP0|#3da169de-2415-40e8-a8d5-aacb0819dc90;L0|#03da169de-2415-40e8-a8d5-aacb0819dc90|Scripture graphics;GTSet|#bb9274b4-45fe-43f1-8b69-3df0b933cdb0;GPP|#00279a6d-9ae4-47df-86a9-c3a4c4d91e9b;GPP|#96e4d92c-656e-45f6-9cd5-ab8aed108e3c resources/scripture graphics/792/ForgivenForgivenPsalm 32:1

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Forgiven resources/scripture graphics/792/ForgivenForgivenPsalm 32:1
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